A L E X A N D E R    B E S T E R E I M E R


Music & Sounddesign for Image-video & Cinema Commercials "www.surfmed.at"


Music for Image-video "Astellas" Endtitle


DRUMS ON EARTH "Inner Child"


Film Score "Wild Dogs"


Radio Commercials Austria 1990 for "Maldone"


Music for Image-video "Superkarpata"


Co-Composition "Love will conquer all" by CHIOMA



Born 1964 in Vienna


At the age of 8 years, he began learning piano at the Music School of Vienna.


At the age of 14, he began being taught clarinet and then saxophone by Teddy Ehrenreich. In that time he composed his first piano works. At the same time he worked as keyboarder in his first band.


After his school-living final examination he studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. In 1989, he passed his final diploma examination at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) excellently.


Until 1993 he worked in a free-lance way as a sound engineer and was a member of various bands - from jazz rock until commerce.


Since 1993, Alexander has been an audio-enigeering freelancer and the proprietary of the ABS Studios Vienna, the specialty of which are compositions for film and television.


Among other things he loves fireworks :-)) and ... "may the force be with you" ...




contact: ab@alexanderbestereimer.com


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musician, audio engineer